We are currently looking for companies willing to sponsor the activities and prices needed to make Gotland Game Awards into a special day for the competitors as well as turning it into a grand annual media watch.
Why become a sponsor?

Already, the Gotland Game Awards has turned into something that Swedish, as well as international media has taken an interest in, making it a perfect opportunity for you to show off your products to the world!
Giving out hardware as well as software licenses to the up and coming generation of game designers will make them learn how to utilize your specific applications and hardware making sure that they bring that knowledge out into the established pipelines of companies all over the world.
Possibly starting a new company using your hardware and applications as a foundation, something no one will be soon to forget!

Sponsorship information:

Sponsorship Proposal.pdf
Sponsorship Proposal Platinum.pdf
Sponsorship Proposal flyer.pdf
Gotland Game Awards 2009 sponsors