Gotland Game Awards is Sweden’s most popular game development competition, and has been ever since the start in 2006, since 2008 there are also prices for CG movie creators. While most awards can only be won by students of the school, there are is an open category in which anyone can participate.



Gotland Game Awards opened its doors for the first time in 2006 with nothing more than a few Arcade Machines, a Nintendo DS game and some titles for the PC. Since then it’s grown into the grand event that it is today with an estimate of 40+ projects for 2010.

While the awards were mostly just for fun when GGA was started, prizes now include trips to the biggest game development conference in the world, GDC in Cologne.

Competition Details
There are multiple prizes to be won spanning over 17 categories ranging from t-shirts and software to journeys past multiple boarders. GGA is unique in the way that they allow the students of Gotland University to meet up with professionals from all over the world, giving them opportunities to sell their ideas to publishers and/or get a name for themselves allowing them easier access into the world of game development.

About Gotland’s University

Gotland University was established in 1998 and is thus one of the youngest universities in Sweden. We offer students and teachers alike a stimulating learning environment. Quality programmes and courses in both Swedish and English are offered on campus and on-line. Located in the World Heritage city of Visby, the university is naturally enhanced by the rich historical and cultural atmosphere of Gotland, a geologically and environmentally unique island in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

About GAME

Six years ago we started the first game education in Sweden. This was done together with our already existing script development education based on two ideas about what the future might become: That game-design would be the next single most powerful addition to culture, and that the convergence of disciplines within games, films, contemporary fine art and programming, would lead to new forms of expression and experience.