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John Klepper
Imagination Studios
Currently running motion capture and animation studios in Switzerland and Sweden.
8 years experience in the Television, Film, and Game industries providing services
in both European and U.S. markets.



Richard Bartle
Essex University



Steve Illous



Evan Van Zelfden
Interactive Age Magazine



Sean Kauppinen
IDEA Marketing



Nils Stadling



Johannes Wadin



Nina Högberg



Ernest Adams
Hobo international
Ernest Adams is a game design consultant, writer, and teacher, working as a member of the International Hobo design group. He has been in the game industry for 15 years, and was most recently employed as the lead designer at Bullfrog Productions on the Dungeon Keeper series. For several years before that he was the audio/video producer on the Madden product line at EA. Mr. Adams also writes Designer’s Notebook columns for the Gamasutra developers’ webzine  



Koshjar Hamedi
Donya Labs



Patricia Pizer
Over the span of her career, Patricia Pizer has worked with industry leaders including Boffo Games,
THQ/GameFx, Harmonix Music, Turbine Entertainment and ubi.com. Her course has students grouped into
teams where they study and design an original multiplayer game environment suitable for online usage. She recently joined Disney�s VR Studio, where she�s working on
Toontown and an unannounced MMO.



Jasmin Orthbandt



Johan Svahn
One man productions



Anders Ekermo



Anne Duse
Foreign Service



Susan Gold
International Game Development Association
Susan is chair of the IGDA Special Interest Group and serves as an academic curriculum consultant in video games and computer graphics. Susan�s work with the Ed SIG has created many new tools for instructors in game education. Her current focus is in organizing a knowledge base, developing student outcomes in games, resources for educators teaching in games as well as creating curricular models for the varying academic programs.  



Carsten Orthbandt



Emma Mellander
Nordic game



Gorm Lai
Nordic game



Marinka Copier
Universiteit Utrecht



Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari



Peter Kullgard
Ascaron Studios



Robert Nyberg
Starbreeze Studios



Martin Ekdal
Donya Labs



Steven Bachelder



Troels Linde



Nicklas Nygren
Nifflas games



Joe Robins



Per Strömbäck



Linda Kiby



Eric Jacopin St.
Cyr Academy



Sascha Herfort



David Gustavsson



Mikael Hedberg
Frictional Games



Achim Quinke
Quinke Networks



Tobias Lundmark
Starbreeze Studios



Andreas Wieslander
Göteborgs Universitet



Peter Stråhle
Might and Delight



Peter Lundgren
Freelance 3D Artist