This year on the 7th and 8th of June at Wisby Strand, at GGA 2010, there will be over 40 different projects to look at and play, among these there are 23 games, including 9 arcade machines and 3 multiplayer games with network capabilities!

There are multiple prizes to be won spanning over 17 categories ranging from t-shirts and software to journeys past multiple boarders. GGA is unique in the way that it allows the students of Gotland University to meet up with professionals from all over the world, giving them opportunities to sell their ideas to publishers and/or make a name for themselves. Allowing them easier access into the world of game development.

In short what we want to tell you is, don’t miss GGA of 2010! There are prices to be won and the award ceremony itself will be spectacular, we promise lasers and fiery explosions (and this is NOT just in the games). So take out your calendar, find June and write GGA 2010 in capital letters over the 7th and 8th!

Press-Kit :

Click Here to download the press-kit for GGA 2010, it covers a lot of info in as few words as possible.