Octopus painting duel CG Animation – Spotlight Category
Kim Bourdette
  A french, aristocratic octopus is battling another seemingly harmless octopus, but is soon put up to the test!


  God of Music
Alldin Dauti
  A robot wakes up in the forest, he sences that someone is nearby, he wakes up and transforms his arms and head and starts to fly away as a helicopter. An indian bunny is meditating to a Totempole. Robot opens up a hatch from its body and releases fireflies that flies to the totempole. Fireflies flies inside the totempole heads and lighten them all up as the indian bunny reacts and thinks this it’s a message, and as the fireflies reaches the top of the totempole there’s a MTV logo, represents as MTV is God Of Music.


  The Secret Chamber
Best CGA – Open and Invitationa
Christian Antero Kähkönen Music (external source): Axel Ragnerstam and Rosanna Gunnarson
  An adventurous woman heard a rumor of a treasure that was beyond her imagination. Three years pass by searching for it, finding clue after clue. Finally she feels that she’s close to finding it but also discovers that there is someone else who also knows about the treasure and wants it, badly. But she’s got an advantage, the Key to the Secret Chamber! Hunted by this stranger with a gun she enters the caves, supposed to contain the entrance… After climbing thrue narrow caves she finds a room inside the mountains and takes her chance to run away from her opponent. She crosses a bridge in a large cave that leads her into another small room, which looks like a dead end. However thanks to the clues she’s found she knows better. Beneath some ruins a couple of days earlier, she found a device that contains the key. The lock is hidden inside one of six symbols that is mounted on a wall, but the key will only open the door once and only for as long as you hold the key turned! As soon as you let go of the key it is lost and the door slams shut! Three years after the first time she heard of it, she’s finally inside the secret chamber. It’s very dark, relying on her torch until she finds the lightsystem. The oil in the bowl bursts into flames and the fire runs rapidly litting up the great treasure!


  Colorize Life
Karin Bruér
  Colorize life is a channel ID spot for MTV that tells the story about how grey and boring life is without music. The film shows you that music make life worth living. It will simply colorize your grey life.


  Koi pond
Veronica Isaksson


  Rubiks Kub
Robert Kurki


Max Öberg
  This is an id-spot for “Kanal 5” and it takes place in a nice coral reef. It is suppose to be similar to the other kanal 5 id-spots with the logo being “built up”. There are some gold coins and diamonds that are sinking towards the bottom and in the end you will see that they have landed in the shape of the Kanal 5 logo.


  Toon Vintage
Mattias Andersson


  Ice Crack
Robin Iwarzon Erlandsson
  An ID-spot for MTV in the colors of wintertime. Fresh and crazy just like the content of MTV.


  For Relaxing Times
Jessica Sanfridsson
  For relaxing times is an ID-spot that has a calm and more mature feeling to it, and hopefully will apply to the older public. The film takes place in a old-styled living room, and has a Sherlock Holmes theme to it.


  Message on a whiteboard
Jonas Schild
  Message on a whiteboard is an Id spot that has the same feeling as the popular Channel 5 shows CSI and Criminal minds. The film starts in a dark corridor, looking in to a closed CSI lab. With the help of a flashlight we will search through the lab and find a scalpel that’s lying on a table. After hearing a sound from the corner of the room, the flashlight moves over to a whiteboard on which the channel 5 logo is drawn.


  MTV Midtown Madness
Alex Oszlanci
  As we take a trip downtown in the middle of the day we notice that there’s absolutely no one there. Suddenly as we approach the TV station we notice a shadow growing upon us on the ground, we look up and see something crashlanding infront of us. The smoke dissapears and we have a ‘M’ infront of us transforming out 2 big speakers and puts on a tune the logo itself starts to dig the music and grabs the TV logo behind it representing the MTV: Music Television channel.


  S.T.I.C.S – Apocalips Koziarski Production
Producer/Director/Animator: Philip Koziarski Graphics: Philip Koziarski, Markus Bengtsson Sound: Philip Koziarski, (Sticscrew), Rijal Mbamba, Saleh Mbamba, Wazir Ilyas ,Edina Hadzihafizbegovic.
  Apocalips is a song expressing the struggle within a relationship, that you want to leave the woman in question but she keeps holdning you back as if there was a spell put onto you. A mysterious woman who brings apocalyspe around her presence trough here lips. In this music world of S.T.I.C.S, words and emotions becomes real and has different effects on them. The deeper the lyrics and messages gets, the deeper you get into the visuals of there world.


  Assault on Deimos The Golfing Scotsmen
Level Artist/Special FX: Hampus Berg Artist/Animator/Sound: Stefan Jacobsson Artist/Animator: Markus Pettersson Artist/Animator/UDK Tech: Joakim Reimer
  Assault on Deimos is cinematic rendered in realtime using the award winning game engine Unreal Development Kit. The animations were made by useing motion capture so that the characters would move as lifelike as possible. All to bring the best movie experience to the audience.


  Cooking with love
Khamla Vonsensey
  We follow a couple of small hearts’ long journey through a kitchen filled with food. They see a massive cake and attempt to send a heart on top of the cake, by using the dynamics of a seesaw. The heart that flies up has such a great speed that it makes the decoration on the cake bounce up in the air. The decorations fall down and create the text “cooking with love” on top of the cake.


Klas Trulsson
  A fat and happy cow is standing in the middle of the courtyard, minding his own business, when the farmer suddenly walks over to him. And out of nowhere burns him with a branding iron. The cow gets crazy, kicks the farmer and rushes away. The cow is flying across the courtyard and crashes into this solid stonewall and faints immediately. The brand becomes visible and turns out to be the channel five’s logotype.
Elin Fahlstedt
  Id spot for the fictive tv channel ZZZ-tv, specialized to appeal to those who prefer sleeping in front of the soothing lullaby of the television. 100 % action, noise and crocodile-hunter-free!


  Themepark Graveyard
Christin Jurvanen


Anders Bäckman & Mats Söderblom
  A surreal environment with a Sausagesaur some clouds, sand and a BALLOON. A 3 week project by: Anders Bäckman & Mats Söderblom.


  Fields of Glory
Producer: Emil Kieri Animation & idea/Lighting & Rendering: Mats Soderblom
  Fields of Glory is an intense and tactical action game that brings the brutality and glory of the roman gladiator games into modern sports.As the champion of a professional gladiator team players will duke it out in fast paced and bloody matches where, thanks to advanced prosthetics, a lost arm or leg will result in nothing more than a pit stop.


  Mr. Headfoot and the legchair The awesome Bacons
David Skoog (Mr.Headfoot, Camera, Rendering, Compositing) Anders Friberg (the legchair)
  Mr.Headfoot is bored. Can he find something fun in the Library? Follow Mr.Headfoot in the beginning of a journey filled with friendship and fun!


Anton Fast


  From One Motherfucker To Another
CG Animation – Best graduating clas
Håkon Lundvall and Emil Kieri


  Game vs R
  Team: Sebastian Olsson
  Ett skrivbord med en lite rädd robot som försöker ta sig från ena sida till andra i en väldig fart hoppar över saker gör allt för att fly från en stor svart varelse, man vet inte vad det är för någon varelse, men det vissar sig var GAME Logon som är den som jagar den lilla skrämda roboten.


  Dancing Fluids
David Skoog
  On the shores of Gotland, there is something unusual about this girl… An experimental of fluids and particle systems combined with motion.


Markus Bengtsson


Andres Bendeck
  Different clips from the projects that I’ve done, Sago Stunden, 11SecondClub May competition, Tiger project, etc.