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Power of Two
Graphics: Robin Flodin
Programmer: Teddy Sjöström
Sound: Christopher Flodin
“Dwarfs?!” is an Arcade/Strategy game for PC and Xbox360 where you are put in the middle of a vast, underground playfield. The goal of the game is to explore the randomly generated map as much as possible, while at the same time protecting your Town Hall from harm, such as water floods, lava or hostile creatures.

What makes this game unique and interesting is that your greatest asset is also your greatest threat: the Digging Dwarfs. While you need them to explore the dungeon and increase your score, their random behavior is the source of most your troubles. Taking control of them is easy, but costs gold, so you have to be careful with your choices! Pointing a Dwarf towards those juicy minerals might look tempting, but what if you need that gold to stop lava later on? In Dwarfs, there is a constant flow of risk/reward decision making.

Best Exhibition
Square Eyed Vision
Producer: Joakim Edholm.
Graphics: Vira Haglund
(lead), Sara Pauni, David Klint, Malin Mellgren.
Programmer: Elon Isidor Mallin (lead), Joakim Östlund Andersson, Syawash Sharafadin, Pelle Boström.
Music: Kajsa Magnarsson and Hampus Norén.
Abzolium is an intense skill-based multiplayer arena game for the Xbox 360.
Instead of choosing between a numbers of already made characters, you have the opportunity to customize their abilities to your liking. The variations of each new match will lead to loads of different unique combinations and will also result in tactical choices for each round.Enter the tournament of Abzolium and eliminate your opponents to be the ultimate champion!
Best Game Graduating
Meow Entertainment
Producer: Max Tiilikainen
Graphics: Jona Marklund , Rickard Jonasson, Povel Gulin, Sebastian Larsson
Programmer: Johan Norberg, Sebastian Svensson
Sound: Josef Falkensköld (www.falconshield.com)
Fumbies is about taking care of a handful of creatures that lives high up in the air, over the clouds. The player needs to keep the Fumbies happy by making sure they are clean, well trained, feel good, and go to their job.

The main goal of a Fumbies life is to lovel, when a Fumbie lovels it passes on its genes to the Fumbie’s children. So the children will inherit the parent’s looks, but also the fumbie will pass on its attributes.
Depending on how the player has trained its Fumbies, these “attributes” will determent if the Fumbie is an intelligent, strong, or charismatic Fumbie. Depending on which attribute the Fumbie is specialized in the Fumbie earns unique items and visual parts for that specific attribute. So by changing a Fumbie’s attributes the player is able to give the Fumbie a unique personality.

Best Serious Game
Zamarkand interactive
Producer: Albertinna Sparrhult.
Lead art / Lead designer: Niklas Åhs. Art/Lead designer: Pernilla Sparrhult.
Programmer: Björn Bergren. Programmer/Assistant designer: Mattias Bertilsson.
Music: Mattias Lissmyr Sound Effects: Pontus Granström.
– A romantic, multiplayer, 2D side-scrolling, co-operative, platformer game.
– Played on classic 8-Bit controllers ported to a PC.
– Black and white versus colored backdrops, 50-ies retro inspired.
– Dark humour with increadolous plot twists.
Colorless is a short game revolving around eight specific levels with a focus on co-operation and the concept of closeness.
While playing move around freely in the world, the camera pans out whe the players are further away from eachother. The two main characters have different skill sets and they need to be combined in order to overcome obstacles and take care of enemies. Basic skills are running, jumping, kicking, sliding, opening doors and climbing. Leveldesign force the players to split up but, the only way to regenerate health is to stay close to eachoter, the most effective way of recharging energy is by hugging!
Fields of Glory Gentle Touch Studios
Producer/Programmer: Gustaf Stark
Programmer: Daniel Eriksson (Lead), Mattias Niiranen, Nehmo Tapio.
Lead Design/Programmer: Markus Mattfolk Stenberg.
Graphic: Gabriel Sammens (Lead), Fredrik Larsson, Otto Westerlundh, Johanna Sandhammar.
Fields of Glory is an intense and tactical action game that brings the brutality and glory of the roman gladiator games into modern sports. As the champion of a professional gladiator team players will duke it out in fast paced and bloody matches where, thanks to advanced prosthetics, a lost arm or leg will result in nothing more than a pit stop.
Best Presentation
Lucid Dreams Studios
Producer: Alex Karlsson
Design: Per Lingvall
Graphics: Alex Lusth, Niklas Hallin, Tobias Andersen, Ola Persson, Martin Paulsson, Erika A. Porath
Programmer: Johan Sköld
Midnight is a real-time strategy game for three players.
Each player plays as either the easy-going Rocks, the proud Papers or the wicked Scissors;
miniscule creatures that crawl out of the shadows at night and face each other in an eternal battle.
It goes without saying that the papers live in constant fear of the scissors, which in turn are hunted by the rocks. This gives all the players a predatory/prey relationship towards each other, forcing them to use stealth, deception and ambushing to prevail. In short, Midnight is an RTS that focuses on stealth, exploring and mobility rather than numbers and micro-managing.
Human Rights and Anti-discrimination
Northern Gate
Producer: Nina Moritz.
Graphics: Esteban Soto, Jonatan Hagström, Alexander Oltner, Ruben Johansson, Simon Öhman.
Programmer: Mikael Gullberg, Thommy Siverman.
Sound: Mikko Jokela.
Pawns is a 2d scrolling co-op action game with a serious tone on war.
You and a friend must work together and combine your powers to defeat the human invasion!
5K Coconuts
Producer/Programmer: Niklas Borglund
Programmer: Jakob Hillerström (Lead), Casper Henriksson
Lead Design/Graphical Artist: Petter Gillman
Lead Graphical Artist: Johnny Wretlind

Sound: From Gotland School of Music Composition:
Pontus Granström, Joakim Jalhed, Sol Andersson, Mathias Lissmyr.

Avarice is a four player horror game where you battle each other to find an antidote that will save your life.
The game is played out in a fictive ghost town, inspired by the old English countryside.

All the characters have been poisoned.

In order to survive, you need to find the components and mix it to an antidote.
But there’s one problem, there’s only enough antidote components to cure one of them.
As the poison starts to corrupt your mind, you determine that you have to gather these components for yourself if you are to survive, taking them from the dead hands of your opponents, if that should be necessary.

Dungeon Crawler
Out of Bounds
Producer: Philippe Bolay
Graphics: Lars Johansson, Kristoffer Printz, Malin Mellgren
Programmer: Ted Wikman
Sound: Jesper Krogh Kristiansen
Music: Thomas Lavergren
Dungeon Crawler combines the best of two worlds by merging Vintage Gaming with Next Generation technology. The result is an amazing board gaming experience in a competitive game against your friends even further enchanced by great characterization, savable character customization and progress and rules for bribing judges and swaying the crowds.
Victorious Skies
Kaiser Commando
Producer: Thomas Appelberg
Graphics: Rickard Folland, Jonatan Hagström, Marcus Larsson, Nicolas Lindbäck
Programmer: Mikael Gullberg, Thomas Appelberg
Sound: Marcus Larsson, Thomas Appelberg
Victorious Skies is a competitive real-time strategy game all about aerial fleets clashing in air-borne naval combat. Two players will assume the role of an admiral leading his fleet into combat. Great fleets consisting of multiple ships of all kinds of classes, each providing their own utility to your squadrons delivers a detailed strategic experience.
Band of Brawlers
Graphics: Ted Edin, Kalle Henningsson, Monica Kreitz, Tobias Källkvist, Daniel Ohlsson
Programming: Olof Ahlberg, Gunnar Carnbro, Peter Sjödin
Sound: Nicolas Leventorp
Project Management: Natalia Mekras
On a colorful planet somwhere in space brawlers have started to gang up and are battling each other for control of an abandoned Tivoli.

Team up with your friends in this 3 vs 3 combat game and see which team has the greatest teamwork and tactics while you try to take over and hold as many of the zones as possible. While fighting you’ll also get to experience an innovative combat interface that lets you perform attacks with the mouse.

Cause of War
Producer: Robin Flodin, Sebastian Torvaldsson.
Graphics: Sonny Hamberg, Emma Ströberg, Vira Haglund, Jommy Johansson,
Joakim Reimer, Jhon Hjälm.
Design: Rasmus Davidsson, Fredrik Nilsson, Leo Larsson
Level Design: Ola Nilsson.
Programmer: Ted Lindström, Ted Löfgren, Christoffer Schedin, Tony Höglund
Rickard Jaksch.
As a new take on the classic TBT (turn-based tactics) games such as Jagged Alliance and Silent Storm, CoW focuses on advanced game mechanics and player customization. The game is set near the end of WWII taking a deeper look on the Italian Campaign. We aim to create a higly competattive game with a great community.
Producer: Lukas Hägg
Graphics: Lukas Hägg, Viktor Ledäng
Programmer: Rudy Castan
Sound: Johan Skoglund
Dash is a multiplayer game where players compete in a arena type sport.
The goal in each match is to score a set number of points, or get the highest score before the match time runs out. The arenas in Dash is not only inhabited by players, but arena robots as well, and they’ll defend the gameball from the players.
Dove and Crow
Dove and Crow is a flight sim/adventure game where the two young lovers Dove and Crow, living in the magical world of Rock, a place filled with flying islands and powerful wizards, have to hide their love from their warring families. Engage in an epic storymode taking them through the many realms in the world and ending up confronting their parents and their king.
Aside from the storymode there are puzzles, racing and timetrials unlockable by completing their counterparts in the storymode or co-op campaign.
Monkey Donk
Best Game – Nordic Game Jam