Gods of Steel
Producer: Fredrik Nes Sjödin
Graphics: Vilya Svensson (lead), Fred Ström, Jonathan Nilsson
Programmer: Jerry Johnsson (lead),Tobias Skogdalen, Rami Sleiman, Fredrik Nes Sjödin
Music: Björn Tarras
  Team up with a friend and battle your way through the undeads of Niefelheim in an action-packed beat ’em up where vikings and metal rule the Universe. Competing against the finest warriors of Midgard 3075 you have but one chance to prove yourself worthy. Curse your opponents with the power of Loki or use Freya’s blessing to boost your team and get closer to the finish line and the final challenge.
Odin is watching your every step. Do you have what it takes… to become a God?


  Sage Badaboom
Producer: Maria Norkvist Graphics: Stina Rahm (Lead), Love Gunnarsson.
Programmer: Daniel Hagström (Lead), Elias Stolt, Niklas Blidfors.
Design: Viktor Andersson (Lead)
Music: Rosanna Gunnarson (External source)
  Sage is a two player arcade fighting game but in a non traditional way. You play as a entetie of old, using elemental powers to restore the balance in the world, in an epic battle that takes place in a world unknown to us. Use the elements to attack or counter your opponents projectiles. Experience the beautiful setting and see it change through different seasons as your battle lasts for eternity.


  Pirates vs Royalists Echo Studios
Producer: Viktor Lundmark
Graphics: Cecilia Bexander, Christopher Nylander, Erik Anjou, Jonas Trapp, Magnus Bergfall, Sebastian Gustafsson
Programmer: Henry Helin, Simon Carlsson
Sound: Magnus Bergfall, Viktor Lundmark
Music: Shay MacKay
  Pirate vs Royalist (PvR) is a top down 2D naval naval battle game, featuring the low class pirates and the upper class Royalists.

Take command over a fourth rate ship of the line as a Royalist or a heavy frigate as a Pirate. Steering wheels from real ships and thick ropes to fire the cannons with has been installed to the machine. By using authentic materials for the arcade machine, PvR adds realism to a new level.

Go and claim Victory! The battle awaits…



  Bedtime Gory
Room 101
Producer: Ylva Sundström
Sandra Hedman (Lead)
Graphics: Aydin Afzoud (Lead), Malin Lövenberg, Björn Nilsson
Graphics/Movies/3d: Josefin Börjesson
Programmer: Markus Flysjö (Lead), Joakim Andreasson, Robin Jensen.
  From Room101 comes Bedtime Gory; a bizarre, bloody and imaginative game linked to the fairytale world of the brothers Grimm. It is filled with well known characters such as Red riding hood, Hans and Gretchen and The three little pigs. Bedtime Gory contains four freestanding mini games, with four different types of gameplay and adventures. All mini games are played in single mood in a rushing, fun competition against the time. To conquer the game the player needs both brains and good reflexes.


Producer: Jonas Lewis
Graphics: Tove Jading, Kakee Lau, Youssef Khatib, Tobias Wahlberg
Programmer: Felix Thålin, Martin Melander, Filip Gärdhagen
Sound: Miras Chowdhury (outsourced)
  FORTICORE is a 2 players competitive experience spanning 9 beautiful worlds.

Protagonist; As a cute bunny you will leap from platforms, over pits of spikes,
through crumbling icecream caves as well as dodging airborne obstacles. Breaking down fortresses level after level. It is a twist on retro platforming games with real time interaction from the enemy side.

Dungeon Master; A unique spin on tower defense gameplay that will appeal to players of all skill levels.
Your fortresses are being raided as well as destroyed, and it’s up to you to prevent it by strategically spawning defenses. With a Touch Screen interface allowing for a more hands on interaction and immersive gameplay experience.



  Jump Disorder
Pilutta Dig productions
  A game with immense co-op and an incredible “first-up-to-heaven”-gameplay experience that will fill your life with joy and happiness. An easy-to-learn controls – combining gameplay like puzzle and platform – will allow for you to have many hours of fun playing time. The game is mainly targeted to adolescents who like puzzles and platform co-op games focused on competition. You will play as the Devil or Death, or their respective guardian angels and race to the finish line. Climb from hell up to heaven with a helping hand from your respective guardian angel that drops blocks for your character to jump on, building a ladder towards the sky; harass your opponents with bombs and gusts of wind to ensure your place in heaven



Behold! Burgundy Black Sheep
Producer: Elias Press
Graphics: John Svetoft [Lead], Robin Lundin, Jerker Gullbrand
Programmer: Filip Nilsson [Lead],Niklas Karlzen, Nicholas Svan Larsson, Fredrik Nes Sjödin
Design: Johan Karlsson
Music: Erik Svetoft
  Thirsty? You just ordered a Vitamin Well from the vending machine, but something’s wrong, the vending machine emits strange sounds and an emergency control panel emerges from its chassis.

Thirsty? Is a time based arcade puzzle game that takes place in a soda vending machine.
Your objective is to use an exciting physical interface to interact with the vending machines many devices, and get the Vitamin Well out of the machine as fast as possible.
You will have to use cogwheels conveyor belts and much more to avoid obstacles such as dangerous machinery and liquids, and get your Vitamin Well safe and sound through each level.If you are fast and precise enough, you might just manage to actually get a real vitamin well through our very own beverage dispensing device.



  Caution: Falling People Gravitas Development  
Producer: Carolina Lindblom.
Design: Martin Erdes (Lead), Christopher Hjort.
Programmer: Rasmus Löfling (Lead), Jonas Täng, Christoffer Forslund.
Graphics: André Apelqvist (Lead), Juan Carlos Pizarro Torrijos, John Friederich, Christoffer Akterin.
  When you happen to just fall out of a plane together with 3 other persons to a certain death, there is only one thing to do. See who can die last! Use all the regular items that every person got in their pockets, for example anvils and fishing rods to make sure you get to live the longest.