Below you can find a list containing the names of today’s winners.

Gotland Game Awards Winners of 2010.pdf

A list containing information regarding all projects, victory photographs as well as contact information, will be posted later, so make sure to check it out gga,

GGA day 1

Today was a wonderful day to be at GGA, never before has there been  this many people walking its halls, and this despite the weather!
We’re hoping for a day of sunshine and even more visitors tomorrow. If  the sun however doesn’t shine, take out your umbrella and brave the  rain, make GGA your main happening for the day. We are all eagerly  awaiting your visit!
//The GAME staff and Students

GGA Nominees

Here are all the nominees games and CGA project for Gotland Game awards 2010.

To view  the project in there shining glory you should visit Gotland Game awards at wisby strand 7th and 8 th of June

GGA10 Nominees GAME (39 Mb)
GGA10 Nominees CGA (36 Mb)

The students of HGO are currently in the midst of finalizing their projects, they work night and day, drawing, programing and building…
In the hall of arts, the first year students are building their arcade machines, by doing physical labour together they learn a lot about teamwork, this year, there are some truly incredible machines in the making.
Over at old Flextronics, the second graders are creating some highly advanced 3D games, these halls are once again filled with young engineers.
Here are a few constantly updated blogs by some of the project groups attending GGA of 2010.
By reading these blogs you can get a deeper understanding on how much work and what kind of work needs to be done in order to create a game, from the first lines of code and concept art, all the way to a finished product with extensive code libraries and fully animated 3D models.
Go ahead, click through the links to get a pre-view of what the projects look like in their early alpha/beta stages!
The GGA-event team proudly presents our latest sponsor. Hansoft, having the leading Developer in project management and QA software behind us, is something we’re very proud of!
Read more about Hansoft at:
Vitamin Well has this year decided to give out 1000 bottles of their vitamin filled health drinks during GGA, to make sure people are able to stay hydrated while playing games and watching movies!
To make sure that Gotland Game Awards improves every year, we try to get more companies to support us in our efforts.

This year we’re proud to have Microsoft help us reach our goal in becoming the greatest game development get together in Scandinavia!


Paradox Interactive best known for publishing and developing games like Europa Universalis and Hearts of Ironis our newest sponsor to the Gotland Game Awards this year.
We are now happy to annonce that the Swedish game company Starbreeze are supporting us as one of our Industry sponsors. We are happy to have them on board on this years GGA and is looking forward to see them on the island in again.