Gotland Game Awards 2009 – Awards Categories

Those competing in the Gotland Game Awards are university students working within the area of Game Design and Computer Graphics. This year there will be more than 400 participants coming from the Gotland University GAME and Computer Graphics Department as well as other invited student projects from partnership Universities and Schools. The Jury will include over 25 international members of from the game and computer graphics industry, to develop new forms of cooperation and create business-possibilities.

Pwnage Award

Best Student Project from the Gotland GAME Department
This award goes to the best project in all Categories
*this Project wins a trip in August 2009 to the GCDC

– Presented by Don Geyer

Best Serious Game

Games are not just for entertainment. In fields such as healthcare and rescue services, games are used to train surgeons, rehabilitate patients and train rescue personnel for possible future scenarios. The winners of this category are given funds and support for further development of their game.

– Presented by Steven Bachelder

The Award for Human Rights and Anti-discrimination

UNICEF and the University of Gotland give an award to the student or group of students who, in a talented and intelligent way, have worked to counter discrimination and further human rights in a game.

– Presented by Anita Ekman,

The Almedalen Library Award

The award goes to the project that has shown, with a playable game, the best positive aspects of games as a form of media. The winning game or demo will be distributed through the Swedish Library system, with that making it accessible at all libraries in Sweden.

– Presented by Christina Svensson,

The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers Mathematical Game

This award goes to the most pedagogical game that creates and stimulates an interest in math for kids ages 6 to 10. The game should be playable both as a group and as a single player, and teach the users basic math in a stimulating way with different levels of difficulty.

The award sum is 15 000 SEK.

– Presented by the Swedish association of graduate engineers

Best Presentation

This award is for the best presentation of a:
Game, Computer Graphic Animation or Project Concept.

– Presented by Troels Linde

Best Arcade Game, First Year

This award goes to the first year students who produce the best arcade game in their Theme Park-course.

– Presented by Mattias Görl

Best “Big Game Project”

This award goes to the second year-project that is deemed to hold the highest technical and artistic level in the Big Game Project-course.

Best Game Graduating Class

The award goes to the third or fourth year students who have produced the best game. The games are judged on artistic level, playability, and the practical use of what they have learned over three years.

CG Animation – Commercials Category

This award goes to the CGA production judged to be the best of the second year CGA students in the course – Commercial Theme

CG Animation – Best Student Animation

This award goes to the best student Animation Project

Best Cinematic – Open and Invitational

This award goes to the best cinematic scene – Open and Invitational

Best Student Effort in Art

This category is open to any individual in Game or CGA

Best Student effort Technical

This category is open to any individual in Game or CGA

Best Exhibition

This category is for the best exhibition booth at the GGA 2009

Best Game – Nordic Game Jam

This category is for the game judged to be the best of the Nordic Game Jam entries

Best Game – Open and Invitational

This category is open to any Game Projects being completed by Businesses, Academics or Project Groups located on Gotland or by projects that are called in through invitation from outside the region.


The award support female entrepreneurship. At least one of the people in the project group is female. The award goes to the project deemed to have the highest commercial potential, and the winners are given funding, coaching and support in business development, to help start up a company.

-Presented by GIP

Alumni of the Year

The award goes to a former student at the University of Gotland in GAME or CGA who has made a big achievement, or had great personal success in 2007-2008.

– Presented by Anders “Saint” Ekermo