In the photo above you can see the happy and skilful winners of GGA.
Fairytale, GameRider, In Other Words, Physitive, Planetaria and Vertigo as well as the teachers chosen to lead this legion of mischievous youths.

GGA is over for this year and we hope to see as many, or actually, even more great projects next year!

Because of the quality of the projects shown this year at GGA, it was however decided that more than just one project from HGO, was to be given the honour of going to Leipzig, Germany and have a chance to show of their winning games at GCDC, the biggest Game Conference in the world.

Although everyone in the picture looks incredibly happy, the days at GCDC were not just filled with playtime, instead most of the time was spent guarding our booths and handing out business cards to people from all places imaginable.

This is not to say that there was no time for fun and games, everywhere you looked you saw new and, even newer games!
While getting to show off the games we had all made to a total of 250 thousand people was the grandest award a gamedesign student could imagine, being allowed to walk around and try games such as World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King and Starcraft II was a reward in itself.

For me and I believe everyone else who were allowed to go to the GCDC it was one of the most memorable things which has happened so far in life, and for everyone not allowed to go, as well as new students, this should work as a source of inspiration to make even greater games next year!

To all students, good luck again next year and to anyone interested in knowing more about GGA, please go to the About page.
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